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Documents and research

Traditions and Rituals of the territory

The Museo della Terra of Latera, has been following its mission since it was first established, paying close attention to documenting and researching the most important aspects of the material and intangible local heritage.
Festivities, traditional work practices and oral traditions have been studied and documented under the supervision of the Museum’s scientific division.
The outcome of these efforts, like pictures, videos and recordings, are preserved in the Museum’s archives, available to be consulted and studied. Over the years, by sourcing this significant amount of data, the Musuem has promoted the production of a series of publications and impromptu exhibits.

Latera Archives

Family albums. The community tells its story. This video is the result of a research campaign conducted between June and July 2023 and features the people who accepted the Archivio Latera project promoters’ invitation ...

Local museums during the pandemic

Local museums during the pandemic. Restrictions, suffering and rebirth is an initiative by the anthropological museum network of Lazio DEMOS, of which the Museo della Terra is an integral part. The main goal was ...

The befanata di Latera

The Befanata di Latera is a holiday celebrated on January 5th, where a group of people, all playing different roles, gather to go door to door spreading music and well wishes for the new ...

Saint Isidoro’s celebration

Saint Isidoro’s celebration usually falls on the first sunday after the liturgical commemoration of the Spanish saint. The saint’s cult is very popular in the Tuscia territory. In Latera, Isidoro is the patron saint ...

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