Direction: Marco Marcotulli
Research: Marco D’Aureli

Every year on Ash Wednesday, the town of Gradoli hosts the Pranzo del Purgatorio. Its name derives from the Fratellanza del Purgatorio (brotherhood of purgatory), a nonreligious mutual aid association whose members are responsible for cooking the aforementioned lunch. The Fratellanza del Purgatorio is a very old institution, with its establishment dating back to the late 1600s \ early 1700s. While it’s unclear when exactly the tradition of this lunch first started, we know that the brotherhood celebrated its 400th anniversary back in 1960.
The night between Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday a pile of wood is lit on fire, and used to cook all the different dishes. Every kitchen is divided in sectors, each managed by a different supervisor. Every course is prepared following a very strict process.